Polymesh - No Show Mesh - TSS

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Polymesh- No show
Available in 9''x25 or 12"X25 yards.

One of the most difficult problems with traditional stabilizers is having the ugly square show through light-colored fabrics. This problem is solved with No Show Nylon Mesh, a 1.5-ounce cutaway mesh stabilizer, which is made of soft, sheer, translucent embossed nylon. This versatile mesh does not require multiple layers, which adds bulk. It is invisible to the eye when viewed from the front.

In some situations, added support may be necessary, and if so, it can be combined with a tearaway or criss-crossing the embossing pattern at a 45 degree angle with two layers.

When softness is critical, as it is with fabrics such as lightweight knits and woven, you will find No Show Nylon Mesh to be very comfortable to the wearer. It retains its soft hand, even after embroidering and laundering with sheer fabrics as well.

Polymesh - No Show Mesh - TSS